What Is Drain Jetting

drain jetting

What is Drain Jetting?

Drain jetting is very effective method for clearing drains, it is a method that is used when manual methods are not effective such as drain rods, plungers, gauntlets etc.

How does it work?

Water is stored in tanks and pumped through a jetting hose and released out of a jetting nozzle at high pressure, drain jetting is effective at finding its way around tight bends using a variety of different nozzles for different jobs, including root removal. This method of drain cleaning can be used on the toughest of blockages, such a build ups of fat and grease.

What pressure is drain jetting?

Drain jetting comes in all different strengths; our pump pressures are 300 bars at 4000psi at 60 Litres of water per minute which is more than enough to tackle the toughest blockages

Blast away can provide drain jetting to clear your blockages, we are fully equipped and fully trained, we operate in the Kent area,